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CH Medical Device Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Managing Threats and Costs

The Vizient Supply Chain Leadership Series explores how hospitals can work with medical device vendors to develop cybersecurity program with effective security controls. With cyber attacks targeting a whopping 95% of health care organizations, medical devices offer access and control to would-be attackers, putting patients at great risk, at huge costs to the organization itself.

Next video info: vizientinc.com/Events/2019-05-15-Supply-Chain-Leadership-Series

Features Erick Decker, chief security and privacy officer, University of Chicago Medicine, Greg Garcia, executive director for Cybersecurity, Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council, Kevin McDonald, director, Clinical Information Security, Mayo Clinic and Molly Zmuda, senior networks director at Vizient, Inc.


CH How Much Math Do You Need to Know in Cybersecurity?

A common question asked around cybersecurity community is how much math is required for a career in this field. Often times this question is asked for students who are enrolling in formal college degree curriculums, having to complete basic math classes before entering the cybersecurity specific classes. Today I address this question head-on, outlining the classes you will likely see in a college degree maps.

If you are not pursuing a formal degree, you will still be able to understand the different security positions and the “math” demands each one requires (as outlined in the video).

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Incident Response | Cyber Security Crash Course

When a security breach hits an organization, panicking or downplaying the incident are common and very human reactions. With the right expertise and enough practice, you can keep your business running despite cyber incidents. Watch this video to learn about the risks related to security breaches, and how you can prepare for cyber incidents. Also, don’t miss the incident response case study from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland!

Read more about incident response: https://blog.f-secure.com/5-steps-to-better-incident-management/

Manage Cyber Risk With BitSight Security Ratings

Learn how BitSight helps you to identify, manage and reduce cyber risk.

BitSight pioneered the security ratings market in 2011 and provides trusted, time-tested and actionable security ratings that enable organizations to effectively measure cyber risk.

With BitSight Security Ratings, companies can:
– Monitor and benchmark their cybersecurity performance against industry peers and competitors
– Build and strengthen their vendor risk management program
– Report cybersecurity program effectiveness to the Board of Directors and executives
– Leverage ratings to underwrite cyber insurance policies
– Evaluate merger and acquisition activities

For more information, please visit www.bitsighttech.com

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