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How to Get Started with Cybersecurity Incident Response

Shearwater’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Hofman, shares his steps for building an Incident Response Plan to help you take control of a security incident.

Framed around the common and costly Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, Mark offers actionable tips on setting up an incident response process and validating your incident response plans.

You will learn about:

What defines an incident and why an incident response plan is crucial

Key elements required to set the scope and success factors of an incident response plan

How to assemble the incident response team, set up roles and delegate responsibilities

How to make sure your plan is current and will evolve over time

Your obligations under the Notifiable Data Breach scheme, privacy laws, and information security compliance requirements

If you’re interested in creating an incident response plan that protects your organisation, then this video is for you.

Incident Response | Cyber Security Crash Course

When a security breach hits an organization, panicking or downplaying the incident are common and very human reactions. With the right expertise and enough practice, you can keep your business running despite cyber incidents. Watch this video to learn about the risks related to security breaches, and how you can prepare for cyber incidents. Also, don’t miss the incident response case study from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland!

Read more about incident response: https://blog.f-secure.com/5-steps-to-better-incident-management/

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