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BitSight for Security Performance Management

As a security leader, how do you know where to focus your security resources or make the quick strategic decisions your business needs to stay ahead? There are lots of solutions today: threat feeds, vulnerability scanners, maturity frameworks, penetration tests, but how do you know if these tools are actually working? BitSight for Security Performance Management is the first solution that provides maximum visibility into your cybersecurity program’s performance. Powered by BitSight Security Ratings, the largest and most engaged ecosystem worldwide, it monitors both good and bad security practices for more than 160,000 global vendors, giving you the intelligence you need to make defensible, risk-based decisions to drive your business forward. With one unified platform, you can assess your current security state, analyze how your security performance ranks against your industry and peers, and create improvement plans that reduce cyber risk.

With BitSight, you can:
– Create data-driven plans
– Allocate limited resources
– Prioritize efforts
– Prove the measurable impact of your team’s work

Learn more at https://www.bitsight.com/security-performance-management

Incident Response | Cyber Security Crash Course

When a security breach hits an organization, panicking or downplaying the incident are common and very human reactions. With the right expertise and enough practice, you can keep your business running despite cyber incidents. Watch this video to learn about the risks related to security breaches, and how you can prepare for cyber incidents. Also, don’t miss the incident response case study from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland!

Read more about incident response: https://blog.f-secure.com/5-steps-to-better-incident-management/

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