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CH Show HN: JavaScript-free personal bio hosting

A simple and friendly way to express who you are, what you do, and give others a safe way to contact you.

Having a PlumeBio helps you:

  • connect with people with similar interests
  • interview with recruiters outside your “contact network” on social media
  • increase the visibility of your publications
  • give acquaintances a safe way to contact you
  • define yourself on your own terms, unfettered by templates
  • build your personal brand

Your PlumeBio includes:

  • a short plumebio.com/yourname link that you can share with others
  • a contact form for people to easily message you without seeing your email address or phone number, nor needing to register
  • spam protection so that you only receive messages from genuine people
  • built-in privacy: this site does not use any javascript, nor sells your data

🎓 See how Elizabeth uses her PlumeBio to showcase her skills and connect with potential employers.

📚 See how Mark uses his PlumeBio to disseminate his research.

We are independent and don’t sell your data. The service is completely free of ads and the common “engagement traps” found on the dominant networking platforms. We don’t get paid to distract you, we are here to support you.

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