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CH Show HN: FrontAid – CMS for JSON Files in Git

Why FrontAid CMS?

  • Adopt it progressively

    FrontAid CMS does not impose any restrictions on your project at all.
    It can be used for a single part only or for your whole application.

  • Use it with all your tools

    FrontAid CMS writes your content in the JSON format to your existing code repository.
    From there you can use it with any tool you’d like.

  • Use it for every project

    FrontAid CMS is project-agnostic: You can use it for websites, mobile apps, server applications, games, or
    whatever you like.

  • Model your data

    FrontAid CMS allows you to define whatever data structure you need.
    Deeply nested and/or list of things and/or a combination thereof.

  • Multi-regional, multi-lingual

    FrontAid CMS allows you to fully localize your application to your target markets.
    But you can also use it with only a single language.

  • Own your data

    With FrontAid CMS you keep what is yours.
    Your content is safely stored in your own repository and you are always in control.

  • Know who changed what and when

    FrontAid CMS keeps the complete revision history of every single content change ever made.
    It is also easy to revert certain changes.

  • Use the power of Git

    Create feature branches, develop in parallel, and merge when ready.
    Use Git hooks, Git flow, tags, or the Git revision history.

See it in Action

FrontAid CMS is currently in public beta.
That means you can start using it right now while we are actively improving it.
But it is not perfect yet and might change from time to time.

Open FrontAid CMS
and have a read in our Documentation.

As an early user, you can actively influence our roadmap and the features of FrontAid CMS.
You are more than welcome to contact us with any kind of questions or suggestions.
Send us an email to mail@frontaid.io and we will get back to you as soon
as we can.

FrontAid CMS Screenshot

FrontAid CMS is completely free during the beta phase.
Later we will probably introduce paid plans with more features.
But you as an existing beta user will still have a special status.

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