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CH Show HN: Model Zoo: Deploy your machine learning model in a single line of code

Deploy your model to an HTTP endpoint with a single line of code.

Prototype to HTTP endpoint with a single function

Half of enterprise organizations spend between 8 and 90 days deploying a single model [1]. Model Zoo is designed for machine learning practitioners that want to move faster.

Try it for free with a five minute quickstart on Google Colaboratory:

Free tier is limited to three models per user. Private beta has unlimited access.

TensorFlow Quickstart

Deploy an image classification model with TensorFlow.

Monitor, manage, and update your models with ease

Deploying the initial machine learning model is only part of the challenge — maintaining it can be just as hard. Model Zoo gives you the tools to diagnose, improve, and seamlessly update your model endpoints.

Click on the screenshots to see a live demo:

End-to-end model development expertise

Still working on preparing your dataset or building your model? We also offer end-to-end model development services. We’re based in San Francisco and have experience developing models for the biotechnology, advertising, self-driving, and financial sectors. Hire us to bring your model to production, and you’ll get an HTTP endpoint ready to plug into your tech stack.

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