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Life is 90% of my use cases for org-mode

stormrider.io — To really explain why I use org-mode for everything, I probably first have to explain my rules, which also requires a backstory. I’ll keep it short, no problem. LIFE, 1

Finishing a side project

hugozap.com — It’s no secret that finishing a side project is hard. FINISHING, 2

Why Does DARPA Work?

benjaminreinhardt.com — This is hopefully only the beginning of a larger project! WHY, 3

Godot 4.0 gets SDF based real-time global illumination

godotengine.org — As work progresses on Godot 4.0 at a steady pace, a new and novel method of creating full-scene global illumination has been added in the master branch. GODOT, 4

Implementing the Exponential Function

pseudorandom.com — I explore several sophisticated approximation techniques for implementing the exponential function, $f(x) = e^x$, including Taylor series approximation, Lagrange interpolation, Chebyshev interpolation, Carathéodory-Fejer approximation and MiniMax approximation. This also serves as a more general introduction to the use of these methods for approximating other functions. In the process I walk through the relevant theory for each method and apply numerical analysis to navigate various forms of error. I also include my own Python and C++ implementations of each algorithm in double precision11: Note that the implementations included here will both output and calculate in double precision. We can still apply sophisticated methods in this setting, but as a general rule you’ll need higher interme… IMPLEMENTING, 5

Many Covid Patients Have Terrifying Hallucinations and Delirium

nytimes.com — Paranoid hallucinations plague many coronavirus patients in I.C.U.s, an experience that can slow recovery and increase risk of depression and cognitive issues. MANY, 6

Shale pioneer Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy

reuters.com — NEW YORK (Reuters) – Chesapeake Energy Corp (CHK.N) filed for Chapter 11 on Sunday, becoming the largest U.S. oil and gas producer to seek bankruptcy protection in recent years as it bowed to heavy debts and the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on energy markets. SHALE, 7

A working observatory which tracks “near-Earth objects”

bbc.com — Perched on top of a remote, wind-swept hill in rural mid-Wales sits a series of structures designed to protect us against “one of the most significant risks to human civilisation”. WORKING, 8

USPS sells nearly $20B worth of money orders a year

federalreserve.gov — The daily average volume and average daily value of items are based on the number of business days in each quarter.1 USPS, 9

Was Acorn’s RISC OS an under-appreciated pearl of OS design?

livejournal.com — I was a huge Archimedes fan and still have an A310, an A5000, a RiscPC and a RasPi running RISC OS. WAS, 10

A visual chronicle of Tokyo’s disappearing jazz bars (2016)

thevinylfactory.com — Tokyo Jazz Joints is a visual chronicle of an insular world, where time ceases to exist; spaces removed from the speed and chaos of the modern urban landscape. Sanctuaries for jazz enthusiasts where the music is played on vinyl through aging sound systems, these bars or kissaten are slowly disappearing. VISUAL, 11

Show HN: Hacker News front page in the style of a print newspaper

wolfgangfaust.com — stormrider.io — To really explain why I use org-mode for everything, I probably first have to explain my rules, which also requires a backstory. I’ll keep it short, no problem. 90%, 1 HACKER, 12

Controversies and Challenges in fMRI (2018)

thebrainblog.org — Functional MRI is unique in that, in spite of being almost 30 years old as a method, it continues to progress in terms of sophistication of acquisition, hardware, processing, in our understanding of the signal itself. There has been no plateau in any of these areas. In fact, by looking at the literature, one gets the impression that this advancement is accelerating. Every new advance opens the potential range where it might have an impact, allowing new questions about the brain to be addressed. CONTROVERSIES, 13

Pareto Front Sort for Python

github.com — Sorting chains for pareto frontier extraction PARETO, 14

Apple’s Relentless Strategy, Execution, and Point of View

learningbyshipping.com — Apple’s announcement of “Apple Silicon” is important for many reasons. Delivering on such an undertaking is the result of remarkable product engineering. An annotated thread… APPLE, 15

Show HN: Promnesia – an attempt to fix broken web history

beepb00p.xyz — Promnesia is a browser extension (Chrome/Firefox/Firefox mobile) that serves as a web surfing copilot by enhancing your browsing history, improving your web exploration experience, and integrating with your knowledge base. PROMNESIA, 16

Roy Fielding’s Misappropriated REST Dissertation

twobithistory.org — RESTful APIs are everywhere. This is funny, because how many people really know what “RESTful” is supposed to mean? ROY, 17

Werner Herzog: ‘Film-making is always some sort of risk-taking’

ft.com — Then $67.00 per month.New customers onlyCancel anytime during your trial WERNER, 18

India Debates Skin-Tone Bias as Beauty Companies Alter Ads

nytimes.com — America’s intense conversation on race has focused attention on a type of discrimination that has long vexed India. INDIA, 19

Innovation by ancient farmers adds to biodiversity of the Amazon, study shows

exeter.ac.uk — Innovation by ancient farmers to improve soil fertility continues to have an impact on the biodiversity of the Amazon, a major new study shows. INNOVATION, 20

Guide to Linux System Calls (2016)

packagecloud.io — This blog post explains how Linux programs call functions in the Linux kernel.It will outline several different methods of making systems calls, how to handcraft your own assembly to make system calls (examples included), kernel entry points into system calls, kernel exit points from system calls, glibc wrappers, bugs, and much, much more. Create a package repository in less than 10 seconds, free. Sign up! TL;DRWhat is a system call?Prerequisite informationHardware and softwareUser programs, the kernel, and CPU privilege levelsInterruptsModel Specific Registers (MSRs)Calling system calls with assembly is a bad ideaLegacy system callsUsing legacy system calls with your own assemblyKernel-side: int $0x80 entry pointReturning from a legacy system call with iretFast system calls32-bit fast s… GUIDE, 21

Cheddar empire: Rise of a cheese superpower

cnn.com — (CNN) — Green-carpeted hills roll away from Maryland Farm in Somerset, England, where a man named Daniel Barber began making farmstead cheese in 1833. Nearly 200 years later, his family’s Barber’s Farmhouse business is still going strong, now the oldest cheddar-maker in the world. “The valley we’re in here is one of the most fertile and densely used dairy areas in the UK,” says Barber’s Farmhouse managing director Giles Barber, who is Daniel Barber’s great-great-great-grandson. “We’ve got many small farms, and most of them are still owned by individual families.” Fifteen miles away is the village of Cheddar itself, where early cheese makers used limestone caves and gorges as natural refrigerators. (While the village gave cheddar cheese a name, historians say the cheese style developed regi… CHEDDAR, 22

Show HN: 8-bit CPU simulator in C

github.com — A digital logic simulation written in C 8-BIT, 23

Kudzu, the vine that never truly ate the South (2015)

smithsonianmag.com — As a young naturalist growing up in the Deep South, I feared kudzu. I’d walk an extra mile to avoid patches of it and the writhing knots of snakes that everyone said were breeding within. Though fascinated by the grape-scented flowers and the purple honey produced by visiting bees, I trembled at the monstrous green forms climbing telephone poles and trees on the edges of our roads and towns. KUDZU, 24

Software should be designed to last

substack.com — Let’s start with a heads up, the reflection I am going to share in this publication may not be to everyone’s liking, but it is a topic I want to open up a debate on. SOFTWARE, 25

A principled approach to GraphQL query cost analysis

medium.com — This is a brief for the research paper A Principled Approach to GraphQL Query Cost Analysis, published at ESEC/FSE 2020. Alan Cha led the work, with help from Erik Wittern, Guillaume Baudart, me, Louis Mandel, and Jim Laredo. Most of these authors are affiliated with IBM Research or IBM’s product teams, as part of IBM’s ongoing involvement with GraphQL. PRINCIPLED, 26

Wanted: Console Text Editor for Windows

virtuallyfun.com — (This is a guest post by Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox) WANTED, 27

Facebook content policies tweaked over time to accommodate POTUS

washingtonpost.com — Hours after President Trump’s incendiary post last month about sending the military to the Minnesota protests, Trump called Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. FACEBOOK, 28

Foam – A Roam Research alternative with VSCode, Markdown and GitHub

github.com — A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode FOAM, 29

Sirum (YC W15 Nonprofit) hiring full-stack engineer to make medicine affordable breezy.hr

Volley (YC W18) is hiring a head of engineering to build voice-controlled games lever.co

Flexport is hiring engineers in Amsterdam (we’ll get you a visa) flexport.com

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