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CH Where Do People Draw Lines? (2008)

This paper presents the results of a study in which artists made line
drawings intended to convey specific 3D shapes. The study was designed
so that drawings could be registered with rendered images of 3D
models, supporting an analysis of how well the locations of the
artists’ lines correlate with other artists’, with current computer
graphics line definitions, and with the underlying differential
properties of the 3D surface. Lines drawn by artists in this study
largely overlapped one another (75% are within 1mm of another line),
particularly along the occluding contours of the object.
Most lines that do not overlap contours
overlap large gradients of the image intensity, and correlate
strongly with predictions made by recent line drawing algorithms in
computer graphics. 14% were not well described by any of the local
properties considered in this study. The result of our work is a
publicly available data set of aligned drawings, an
analysis of where lines appear in that data set based on local
properties of 3D models, and algorithms to predict where artists will
draw lines for new scenes.

Forrester Cole, Aleksey Golovinskiy, Alex Limpaecher, Heather Stoddart Barros, Adam Finkelstein, Thomas Funkhouser, and Szymon Rusinkiewicz.

“Where Do People Draw Lines?”

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH) 27(3), August 2008.

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