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CH “Tsugaru” – FM Towns Emulator Project

I am writing an FM Towns emulator since January 2020.  I
suppose it would be easier if I import existing CPU core, audio-chip
core, etc., but if I do so it won’t be my experience.  I am going
hard way and writing from real scratch, beginning with 486 core.

There are two known FM Towns emulators. 
Kasanova’s UNZ probably is the
best emulates FM Towns, and I hear that MAME
is getting better.  But, in my opinion, it is good to have three or four
programs that do the same thing.  If we have only one, and if it is
terminated, or suddenly unavailable, we will be left in the dark.  Such a
risk is higher than ever because OS developers irresponsibly and unnecessarily
and too frequently drops backward compatibility.  I am lucky enough to be a
programmer, I am trying to write what I need by my own whenever possible.

Also I have my own motivation.  My goal is to keep actual FM Towns PCs
alive as long as possible, and for that purpose I developed
YSSCSICD.SYS.  But, some
game titles are directly accessing CD-ROM I/O, in such cases I need to write a
patch.  Other emulators have absolutely no reason to emulate SCSI-connected
CD-ROM drive, but I do have a reason.  So, one of my goals is to emulate
SCSI-connected CD-ROM drive, so that I can write patches easier.

The source
code has been on Github.


I’d like to make binary available as well.  I am exploring how to do it
using Github.

I started mid January 2020, and after 4 months it can play Afterburner II!

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