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CH Show HN: Krucible – Kubernetes clusters for testing and development


Krucible clusters spin up in seconds. Faster than any other hosted Kubernetes provider.


Snapshots capture the complete state of a cluster so your environments can be easily reproduced.


Krucible clusters come with sensible defaults and automatic clean up. No configuration required.

Krucible Snapshots capture the full state of a cluster and its running applications so you can spin up identical environments in moments, as many times as you need. Eliminate long running initialisations and create consistent environments for each test and every developer.

Ephemeral by default

Krucible clusters are temporary by default, so your environments are always fresh and you only pay for what you use. Clean up is completely automatic.

Beautiful tooling

Simple but powerful command line interface for development and scripting

Ready-made clients

Integrate easily with idiomatic clients for all of your favourite languages

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