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CH Show HN: Peoplelogic – Quantifies the employee experience as SMBs go remote

Peoplelogic gives you recommendations using your team’s data to improve performance—highlighting accomplishments, issues, and activity automatically.

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Improving Performance for Teams Using:

Get insights and recommendations when and where you need them.

Sales Teams

Use the data from your CRM and sales tools to get a better understanding of what makes your reps tick, what actions lead to closing more deals, and identify red flags proactively.

Support Teams

By connecting to your support platforms, Peoplelogic empowers support team managers to reduce burnout, identify bottlenecks, and keep your team engaged.

Product Teams

See how the employee experience shifts when approaching a deadline, understand when your engineers are most productive, and which team member isn’t reviewing code.

How Does Peoplelogic Work?

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Peoplelogic uses data from the tools your teams use to get an in-depth understanding of your team and how each member works best.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Peoplelogic will give you insights and recommendations based on the data your team is generating, making you a more effective manager.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Peoplelogic trains you on how to become a strengths-based leader—with guidance to increase your team’s performance.

Explore the Peoplelogic Platform

Strengths-based analytics and insights that make you a better manager.

Start improving your team’s performance for free.

people analytics, performance management, employee experience

Monitor Your Team—No Surveys Required

Peoplelogic automatically delivers daily, weekly, and monthly updates that make managing a team easier. Wave goodbye to the days of constant surveys, “pulses,” and check-ins.

Never Go Into a One on One Blind Again

Peoplelogic uses the personality profiles of your team members to deliver individualized management plans. Our Insights Engine gives you answers to questions you find yourself asking.

people analytics, performance management, employee experience

StayFactor™ Measures the Well-Being of Your Team

Peoplelogic’s proprietary StayFactor measures the employee and manager experience. StayFactor ebbs and flows, quantifying positive and negative impacts.

Become a Proactive Manager

Peoplelogic takes the guesswork out of people management. Start each day with prescriptive and predictive analytics that cater to each member of your team and tell you what to do.

Use Your Team’s Strengths to Drive Performance

By understanding your team member’s activities, behaviors, skills, and personalities you’ll become more efficient. Fostering a strengths-based culture will help scale your team and your revenue. 

Get Started for Free—Receive Insights Instantly

Peoplelogic will start to learn the ins and outs of your team, surfacing high-value, actionable insights.

people analytics, performance management, employee experience

Sign up for Peoplelogic through our website.

people analytics, performance management, employee experience

Add your team and connect your tools to start receiving insights and recommendations.

people analytics, performance management, employee experience

You’re on your way to building a better, higher performing team!

“Teams coached to use their strengths are up to 15% more engaged, have up to 72% less turnover and are up to 29% more profitable.”


Do Your Remote Workers Feel Seen? BY Adam Hickman, PH.D., and Jim Asplund

Peoplelogic makes people analytics and performance management easy

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