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Mux (YC W16) is hiring – build Netflix-grade video infrastructure

The first product we launched was analytics and performance monitoring – think “New Relic for Video” – used by major video streaming companies like PBS, Vimeo, CBS Interactive, and the New York Times to monitor and improve billions of streams.

In early 2018, we launched Mux Video, a simple API to video hosting, encoding and streaming – think “Stripe for Video” – which uses our performance data, machine learning, and just-in-time encoding for unmatched video quality and efficiency. POST a video in; GET a video out that plays anywhere and is deeply optimized for the target device and user. We think building with video should be fun, not complicated.

You’ll be joining an amazing team from places like Google/YouTube, Twitch and Brightcove. Our founders previously started (and sold) Zencoder, an early leader in cloud video technology. We also authored Video.js, the biggest HTML5 video player on the web.

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