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CH Show HN: An online drawing tool that lets you change colors via MIDI controller

An online drawing tool that lets you change colors via MIDI controller.

It uses the Web MIDI API available on all chromium based browsers (2019)

The app runs without any plugins/java applets/whatsoever.

Yet, recent changes around secruity policies made it available only via ssl and

by explicitly allowing Midi access in website settings. (Icon to the left of the url bar)


or see gallery

  • you need some sort of Midi-Controller (cheap, commercial controller: Korg NanoKontrol 25$ or scroll down for a DIY version)
  • go to https://jsfiddle.net/heinzotto/au309r3s/7/embedded/result/ and turn a knob/fader
  • enter the channel numbers next to the HSB sliders
  • the first slider of my MIDI-Controller happens to have channel number 2, so I assigned it to the hue channel like
    in the picture below
  • restart chrome and reconnect your MIDI device, just to make sure, otherwise chrome sometimes forgets about your midi device

If you want to build your own, you can find all the parts and files

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