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LibreTaxi 2 published, open-source Uber PoC

LibreTaxi v2, ridesharing jailbreak, open-source Uber PoC

See it in action: https://t.me/libretaxi_bot
Public feed: https://t.me/libretaxi_all

Running services

docker-compose up -d

Will run PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ with default credentials (see connection strings below).

Setting up RabbitMQ (for development and production)

rabbitmq:3-management contains UI plugin for queue management. Plugin port is 8080 (15672 in container).
Login guest/guest.

Login to RabbitUI here: http://localhost:8080

There is only one queue at the moment:

Note that there is one message producer, and one message consumer threads (goroutines) in application.

Port 5672 is RabbitMQ itself.

LibreTaxi settings

Init settings for ./libretaxi.yml:

telegram_token: YOUR_TOKEN
db_conn_str: postgres://libretaxi:libretaxi@localhost:15432/libretaxi
rabbit_url: amqp://
admin_channel_chat_id: -1001324105405
public_channel_chat_id: -1001470847849

Admin channel is the place where you shadow ban spamers.
See https://stackoverflow.com/a/41779623/337085 for how to get id for you private channel.
You’ll need to invite @get_id_bot and type /my_id@get_id_bot. You’ll see chat id.


When all services are running, run libretaxi:

dep ensure
go build

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