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CH Show HN: React hooks that help you do what you already did with more indirection

React hooks that help you do what you already did, with more indirection

Warning: this package is ready for production use because of 1.x.x version


npm install @pveyes/use-less


All the functionalities are available inside named import. Because it’s written in typescript, you can be sure these hooks are free of bugs.


React already provide useState hooks, but what if you want to use props instead? use-less provides useProps hooks to get your actual props:

import { useProps } from '@pveyes/use-less';

function Component(props) {
  const actualProps = useProps(props);
  // you can finally use the actual component props
  return <div {...actualProps} />;


Moving to React hooks means you lose one of the most powerful React API: getDerivedStateFromProps or gDSFP for short. Don’t be afraid, we bring it back in use-less using useDerivedStateFromProps or uDSFP for short.

import { useDerivedStateFromProps } from '@pveyes/use-less';

// if you're familiar with redux, you'll be familiar with this as well
function mapPropsToState(props) {
  return {
    value: props.value,
    onChange: () => void 0,

function Component(props) {
  const state = useDerivedStateFromProps(props, mapPropsToState);
  return <input value={state.value} onChange={state.onChange} />;


With hooks, you see less and less render props pattern being used. use-less provides useRenderProps to help you cling to your old pattern:

import { useRenderProps } from '@pveyes/use-less';

function Component(props) {
  const renderProps = useRenderProps(props);
  return renderProps(props => 
); }


The main issue with React Context is you can only get value that the Provider gives you, or its default value. What if you want to access global value? With the rise of SSR, you need to be sure you call correct global console in both server and browser. With useGlobalContext you can access all global variable that exists in both environment.

It works in SSR and browser without any configuration!

import { useGlobalContext } from '@pveyes/use-less';

function Component(props) {
  const { console } = useGlobalContext();
  console.log('It works!');
  return null;


  • Does it work with concurrent mode

    Yes, all this hooks should work in concurrent mode. Our example uses React.StrictMode to make sure it works with future version of React.

  • Can I really use this in production?

    Yes, version 1.x.x means it’s already stable and ready to use in production

  • Why is it @pveyes/use-less and not use-less?

    Because there’s already useless npm package, and npm doesn’t allow package using similar name with existing package. If you want to donate the package name, I’ll be happy.

  • Is this a joke?

    What do you think?



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