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CH Show HN: A slackbot to anonymously report your coworkers’ bad behavior

Improve productivity by encouraging employees to anonymously report colleagues for underperforming and get rewarded.

Add to Slack

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Improve company morale

Empower your employees to anonymously report their underperforming peers. Identify the top 90% and invest in the right people.

Anonymous rewards

Encourage reporting by rewarding your employees. Employees can turn their rewards into redeemable Nilats swag.

Powerful analytics

Analyze reporting trends by team. See how reporters help improve each teams productivity levels and growth.


Employees Love Nilats

“I used to feel bad grumbling about my co-workers behind their backs. Now, I just report them and I feel great.”

Anonymous #3781783 in Customer Success

“I haven’t been this excited to go to work in years! I finally feel rewarded for what I do at the office.”

Anonymous #7982933 in Management

“Move aside OKRs! Nilats’ leaderboard is what I use to measure how I’m doing at work.”

Anonymous #1683910 in Finance

“Engineering velocity has gone through the roof! By the way, has anyone seen Jerry?”

Anonymous #9182928 in Engineering

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