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CH Topp.dev for Busy Hackers

Busy hacker? Read only the topp dev news Stop wasting time looking for the best dev content, we will do it for you

CH Text QR

Generate QR Codes, in “ASCII Art”* Please enter the URL of an existing QR Code Image: Or the Text you would like to encode:*I am quite well aware that this uses Unicode not ASCII… Home | Bookmarklet | About | Source

CH The Conundrum of Lucien Freud’s Portraits

How to assess an artist who was ruthless—and revealing—in work and life Sophie Madeline Dess December 4, 2019 Jane Bown / Camera Press / Redux“You’ll be dead very soon and I want you to do naked self-portraits and put in everything you feel is relevant to your life and how you think about yourself ……

CH The next professional network will not look like LinkedIn

LinkedIn, now in its 16th year, was built for a different era where professional ability was confined to a resume and recruiters served as gatekeepers between professionals and hiring managers. Resumes, career fairs, networking events, professional organizations… If the new American Dream is defined by “creative expression, online influence and extreme optionality” over linear moves…

CH DrumBot: Real-Time ML Drummer

One of the most interesting applications for Magenta models are real-time apps that have the user in the loop. Historically, most of the applications using our models have been “offline” – a musician would ask the model to do something, wait for a bit, then get back a result. While this is a useful approach…

CH Layered Programming (2013)

Oct 7, 2013 A new way to organize programs If you’re a programmer this has happened to you. You’ve built or known a project that starts out with a well-defined purpose and a straightforward mapping from purpose to structure in a few sub-systems. But it can’t stand still; changes continue to roll in. Some of…

CH Internal FAA Review Saw High Risk of 737 Max Crashes

U.S. regulators decided to allow Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX jet to keep flying after its first fatal crash last fall even when their own analysis indicated it could become one of the most accident-prone airliners in decades without design changes. The Federal Aviation Administration’s November 2018 internal analysis, released during a House committee hearing Wednesday,…

CH Biological Blueprints for Next Generation AI Systems

(Submitted on 1 Dec 2019) Abstract: Diverse subfields of neuroscience have enriched artificial intelligence for many decades. With recent advances in machine learning and artificial neural networks, many neuroscientists are partnering with AI researchers and machine learning experts to analyze data and construct models. This paper attempts to demonstrate the value of such collaborations by…

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